​New regarding registration on course

​From 1 January 2023, a compulsory final strict cut-off day for course registration for students at access, first and second cycle levels is introduced. One of the reasons is to get a more fare and equal handling.

Register on time!

 This means:

  • You are responsible to register for your course, through Ladok for students, during the registration period no later than the Tuesday of the second week of the course.

  • You will lose your place on the course if you do not register on time. 

  • You are responsible for contacting Studentcentrum well in advance before the course´s last registration day, if you need help. 
You can see the exact registration time for each course in Ladok for students.

In the link below you will find more information on registration and result on courses.
 Registration and result on course​

Thank you in advance for registering for your courses on time!

Page manager Published: Fri 18 Nov 2022.