​Chalmers flies the rainbow flag

​Between 25 May and 7 June, Chalmers raises the rainbow flag on campus.
June is a Pride month worldwide. Gothenburg's annual festival West Pride aims to highlight LGBTQ issues and LGBTQ people's life situation. Chalmers University of Technology is one of West Pride's partners.

“Raising the rainbow flag is an important mark that shows that everyone is welcome at Chalmers, both as an employee and as a student. This year, the gesture is extra important as the pride parade which the union and the university usually takes part of, is canceled because of the corona pandemic”, says Jacob Lidman, chairman of the Student Union's equality committee, JämK.

This year West Pride has been doing a research survey that is focusing on the life situation in the LGBTQI community, which shows that 32 percent of the respondents feels that they cannot be open at their workplace. 

“Chalmers strives for an openminded and including work and study environment. It is not something we can take for granted. Working with issues regarding everyone’s equal value is always required, we raise the rainbow flag as a reminder of that. Much has been developing in a positive direction in society, but as an employer and as an institution in society we must continue the strive in the right direction”, says Sara Thornadtsson Chavarria, equality coordinator at Chalmers.

She also points out that West Pride is much more than just the parade. Seminars and educational sessions are always organized during the festival:

“If you want to learn more about these issues and do not want to wait until next year, you can take part of free webinars at RFSL´s webpage”, says Sara Thornadtsson Chavarria.

Published: Wed 03 Jun 2020.