Printing problems on the student computers are now solved

​​The IT office has now solved the printing problems with the student computers on campus.

On 14 September, Microsoft released an update that fixes the issue of printing on Windows-based student computers. The IT Office has tested and verified that the update solves the problem and is now rolling it out to all student computers.

Most of the computer rooms can now be printed from, but not all have received the update yet. Prints from student computers with Linux and privately owned computers still work.
If printing does not work yet in one computer room, feel free to try another. We hope that all computers will be up to date and able to print as soon as possible.

For help or questions, please contact:​
Phone number: 031 772 6500​

Below you will find written instructions for how to install a printer on your own computer.

Page manager Published: Mon 27 Sep 2021.