Time to try something new!

From now on several services on the Student Portal looks different. You can now log-in and plan your studies on your pages in Ladok, which you reach from the Student Portal. On this page you register on each course every study period, sign-up for exams, create certificates and more.


​Update your contact information

Log in to your student page in new Ladok, which you access via your Student Portal homepage. Use your CID (Chalmers ID) to log in. Go to My Pages and update email, current address and phone number, to get relevant information from the university to an email address you always check.

Which services are open again?

The services are listed on My startpage at Student Portal as usual, but you will be linked to your student page in Ladok to use them. The services will look a little different and you will find them under new tabs and they may be called by other names.
  • Create transcript of records
  • Create certificate of registrations
  • Re-registration on course
  • Early interruption on course
  • View selected and registered courses
  • Apply for Degree Certificate
  • Courses registration

Make it a good habit to sign up as early as possible

You’ll notice the new system most clearly when you should register on courses, and sign up for exams. From 1 August, you can log in to your student page in Ladok and see between which dates to register for your courses in the autumn semester. Different courses have different registration dates and you see which dates apply under each course. Keep in mind that you must be registered on the course to be allowed to take it and it is your responsibility to ensure that you are registered at the right courses, on time.
Make it a good habit to register for your courses when the registration opens. You make your teachers and examiners happy. If you are not registered you will not be able to access the course homepage and can’t register for the exams.

Published: Fri 18 May 2018. Modified: Tue 22 May 2018