New Tracks course in the Formula Sailing project

Tracks is a new initiative at Chalmers in response to the students’ expectations for more individualized education. A Tracks course should address a specific challenge and lie between the programmes. The student shall cooperate with students from other programmes and solve for example a complex engineering problem. An important concept is CDIO, where the student follows a project during all phases from the early Concept, through the Design and Implementation, and finally the Operation. Formula Sailing is a good example of a CDIO project, where students from Chalmers design, build and race an advanced dinghy. Here we present a Tracks course within Formula Sailing, where hydrofoils will be introduced on the existing boat Linnea.

About Formula Sailing

Formula sailing was introduced at Chalmers in 2017. The students design and build an extreme racing dinghy, which is then raced against other Universities in Italy. Participating for the first time in 2018, Chalmers won the regatta among 13 mostly Italian boats.
For the 2019 and 2020 races the same boat, Linnea, will be used, but with several important improvements, particularly in 2020.

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Page manager Published: Fri 04 Oct 2019.