Message from vice president of education

To all students at Chalmers, ​​As Vice President of Education and Life-long Learning I would like to write to you regarding the change from written exams at Chalmers to home-based examination.​​ I understand that this is a big change for you just as it is for us, but I am certain that we together will be able to manage this in the best way possible. ​

The first home-based exams were made on Saturday and overall everything went well. Some students experienced problems with uploading their exam answers to Canvas, but after contacting the examiner of the course it was solved in a good way. 

On the link below you can find answers to frequently asked questions about this exam period, as well as instructions for how you easily can scan any hand-written pages (calculations etc.) using your phone. 

Please note that students that have neither been registered on the course in this study period nor have registered for the exam on the course, cannot write the exam. 

Study period 4 starts as planned on Monday 23 March. We are preparing for distance-based teaching and examination or in smaller groups at campus. We might have to make changes to course syllabi, for example regarding the forms of teaching and examination. A lot of the teaching materials we already use are already available in digital form and will constitute the basis for the distance-based teaching. Teaching might also be conducted in the form of live-streams. 

Having said that, I would like to wish the ones of you who will write an exam this week best of luck! 

Kind regards, Anna Karlsson-Bengtsson 
Vice President of Education and Life-long learning

Published: Sun 15 Mar 2020.