The decision on night-closed student division premises and alcohol ban is extended

​The increased Covid-19 restrictions announced by the Government do not require any further measures with regard to Chalmers’ current educational situation. However, the spread of infection in wider society remains serious, and the President urges employees and students to take responsibility by minimising the number of physical visits and contacts. The decision to close student division premises overnight, and the ban on alcohol consumption are extended.​​​

On 18 November, Matilda Ernkrans, Minister of Higher Education and Research, announced during a press conference that currently no further special restrictions on universities and colleges will be enacted, but that the situation is being closely monitored. Therefore, the current hybrid format, which allows for certain essential elements to take place on campus, remains valid.

However, the situation in wider society is serious, and as part of reducing the spread of infection, Chalmers President Stefan Bengtsson has decided that the student division premises will remain closed between 2100 and 0700. The ban on alcohol consumption on University premises will also be extended.

”Considering that the spread of infection in society is increasing and that it is mainly the social activities that are singled out as source of infection, we need to do what we can to reduce it. Even though it is a heavy message, I hope that our wise students understand the reason for it”, says Stefan Bengtsson.

It is still important to avoid work or studies on campus, or other visits, when they are not necessary. By avoiding travel to and from campus, each employee and student takes their share of the responsibility not to contribute to increased movement within society, for example through the use of public transport.

To reduce the risk of the spread of infection, stricter controls on who may be on campus have been introduced. Among other things, most of the exterior doors have been locked and access cards are required to enter.

I am aware that this is an extremely difficult time for both students and employees,” says President Stefan Bengtsson. “I can only request that everyone continues to take responsibility by not being on campus unnecessarily, but also thinking about how we act outside of study and working hours. By being careful, reducing our contacts and keeping our distance, we can all contribute to ensuring the situation does not worsen.

Page manager Published: Fri 20 Nov 2020.