All written exams will be done from home

Due to the extraordinary situation caused by the very high risk of the covid-19 infection spreading in Sweden, Chalmers’ President has decided that all written exams for study period 3 will be carried out from home*. ​
If the examiner of the course does not announce something else, the exam paper will be published in the course room on Canvas at the start of the ordinary exam time. The written exam should be handed in through Canvas at the latest 10 minutes past the end of the exam time. Students with a decision of prolonged examination time should contact the examiner in advance. If it is not possible to hand-in the exam through Canvas, it should be sent to the examiner by e-mail as soon as possible.

  • The exam is to be carried out individually, ie., collaboration is not allowed. Due to the current circumstances, all examination aids are allowed regardless of what is written on the exam. Control for plagiarism will be carried out. For information, the exam cannot be written anonymously. 
  • Students without access to the current year course room in Canvas for the course in question should immediately contact the examiner and state their student e-mail address and that they want to be added to the course room.
  • Text answers on the exam should be written in a text document. Calculations etc. may be written on paper and subsequently be photographed or scanned. The examiner decides and lets the student know how and in which formats answers should be written and handed in for each question/problem. This will be stated on the exam or separately in Canvas.
  • The examiner, or a teacher appointed by the examiner, will be available on phone throughout the exam time.
During this period, other examining activities and teaching etc. will be carried out as planned, unless otherwise noticed. Information on the upcoming study period will be sent out at a later time. 
We of course understand that changes such as these can cause worry, doubt and questions. It is likely that there will be problems in relation to such extensive change, so we all need to do our best to carry this out in a satisfactory manner.

If you have questions, please contact:
  • Students contact the course examiner
  • Examiners contact the vice head of department
  • Vice heads of department contact a dean of education
  • Heads of programme contact their dean of education
*Students who do not have a computer can write the exam in any of Chalmers’ computer labs

Kind regards,
Vice President Anna Karlsson-Bengtsson and the Executive Committee of Education

Page manager Published: Fri 13 Mar 2020.