OneDrive new cloud storage solution

During this autumn, the cloud storage service Box will be phased out. Students are instead referred to OneDrive, which has a significantly higher storage capacity. Both services offer similar functionality. On 1 December, Box will be permanently closed for Chalmers students.​​

Illustration: Yen Standqvist

With OneDrive, students will get a substantial increase of their storage capacity; from having been 50GB with Box to a full 1TB with OneDrive.
“We hope that the students will find this as a positive change” says Andreas Backström, IT coordinator for learning support.

Box and OneDrive are both services that offer cloud storage. Chalmers has previously been using Box as its main cloud storage solution but has now chosen make the change to OneDrive. Students will be the first ones to make this change. 1 December, Chalmer’s IT office will shut down all Box accounts for students (does not apply to doctoral students) and OneDrive will instead be offered as the supported cloud storage solution. 

What applies to the students?
"We want students to start moving their files from Box to OneDrive as soon as possible. During this autumn, the IT office will continuously delete empty Box accounts.  
On 1 December, access to Box will be shut down, and all remaining accounts will be deleted regardless if they contain files or shared folders", says Andreas Backström.

How will the students move their files to OneDrive?
Follow the manual in the link below; the IT office has written a guide on how students can most safely move their files to OneDrive. 
"After they have moved all their files and ensured that everything is available in OneDrive, we want them to delete all files and shared folders from their old Box account. This will help us in our endeavor to continuously delete accounts during this autumn” says Andreas Backström. 

You are welcome to contact​ (or call 031-772 6500) if you have questions or need help. 

Facts - how much can you store with 1TB?
  • 250,000 images stored with a 12MP camera
  • 250 movies or 500 hours of HD movie
  • 6.5 million document pages in the form of, for example, Office files, PDF files or presentations. Which corresponds to 1,300 physical folder cabinets with paper!

Page manager Published: Wed 13 Oct 2021.