Back on campus – self-driving vehicles

Did you see the delivery robot Hugo and ride the self-driving bus? Now both are making a comeback on campus – at the same time.

The delivery robot and human-transporting bus have both been tested on the Chalmers campus, and now it's time to see how they perform when operating together. Samverkande Autonoma Transporter (SAT) is a collaboration between 18 partners, including universities and property owners, financed by Vinnova. An EU Horizon 2020 project called Show is also partially funding the tests.

This project explores the possibilities of this type of transport based on areas such as vehicle technology, transport efficiency, user perspectives, business models, and urban development potential. Those who are on Campus Johanneberg are automatically a part of the project, because they interact more or less actively with the vehicles.

A line of self-driving vehicles will operate in the Chalmers area between September 2022 and May 2023. As of mid-October, Västtrafik's line 68 will operate as a round trip from Chalmersplatsen weekdays between 07.30 and 17.00. During a few weeks in the fall, tests are also carried out where the self-driving vehicles interact with transport robots that originate from Chalmers Transport Central.

Facts: Line 68

Will traffic Chalmersplatsen-Sven Hultins Plats- Biblioteket- Kemigården- Biblioteket- Chalmers Transportcentral- Sven Hultins plats- Chalmersplatsen.

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Text: Erik Krång


Page manager Published: Tue 06 Sep 2022.