A different kind of Valborg celebration

The student holiday Valborg is approaching and many of you want to go out to celebrate with friends. This year, as you know, the Valborg celebrations will be a bit different, as the Chalmerscortège is replaced with a digital Minicortège​ and mösspåtagningen has been canceled, which is why we want to give you a few tips on how to celebrate Valborg instead.​​
We at Chalmers are concerned about you students, and understand that Valborg is important to you. It is still possible to celebrate Valborg in other ways, as long as you remember to follow the recommendations. It is important not to gather in large groups and to keep a few meters distance between groups, indoors as well as outdoors. If you live outside the city center, take a walk or picnic in parks and nature areas in your local area where you live instead of going into town. This way, we help to avoid crowds in Gothenburg city center. Remember that even outdoors, everyone has a shared responsibility to reduce the spread of infection and that you should always stay home if you are ill.

Göteborgs stad has compiled a list of parks and nature areas, outside of Gothenburg city center.


  • Kvibergs Park
  • Billdals Park
  • Färjenäsparken
  • Keillers Park
  • Hisingsparken
  • Angeredsparken
  • Sjöbackaområdet

Nature areas

  • Lilleby naturområde
  • Hjällboskogen
  • Hökälla
  • Svarte Mosse naturområde
  • Vättlefjälls naturreservat​

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Published: Tue 28 Apr 2020.