This Critical Moment - Workshop series

A Workshop series on gender and the Environment

Welcome to join Chalmers/STS researcher and educator, Dr. Paul M. Pulé, for a four-session online workshop series where we will explore the intersections between STEM, gender equity and environmental care, at This Critical Moment on the planet.

Workshop Dates

When: 19.30-21.30 (2hrs ea.)
Week 46
Session 1: Tuesday 16 November
Session 2: Thursday 18 November

Week 47
Session 3: Tuesday 23 November
Session 4: Thursday 25 November

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Note! It is encouraged that you attend all four sessions, though this is not required.
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Paul Pulé about the workshop serie

"Conceptualisations of man, specifically global Northern, white, settler colonial, industrialised, wealthy and working, heteronormative, cis-males, have long been transgressing planetary boundaries. Alarmingly, these industrial/breadwinners (Hultman & Pulé, 2018) have been socialising essentialist notions of manhood and masculinities, and remain unmarked. Through gendered essentialisms, they disregard, alienate, and subordinate those humans and other- than-humans who are ‘otherised’, effectively locating select men in particular as the principal barriers to global sustainability. Counter to these life destroying trends, we need to awaken masculinities that are ecological in the broader relational sense of the term; that prioritise simultaneous care for Earth, others and self, and manifest in all people, regardless of the identities that they embrace, along with gendered structures in society as well. This course engages with the multifarious processes and cycles of other-than-human Nature accordingly".

Category Sign up for a Workshop series on gender and the Environment
Organizer Chalmers University of Technology
Start 11/16/2021 7:30:00 PM
End 11/25/2021 9:30:00 PM
Location Online via Zoom