OBOC panel discussion: The Power - a discussion on gender and power

Historically and also during the present moment, men have had more power than women. Could it ever have been the opposite, and what happens when such power relations change.
The starting point for this talk is the book The Power by Naomi Alderman which is the One Book One Chalmers book 2019-2020. The book can be borrowed at Chalmers Library. However, it is not required to have read the book to enjoy this panel discussion.

In a discussion between the award-winning author Jesssica Schiefauer, scientist Paul Pulé and student welfare officer Emilia Sandolf, questions about power and what it does to people are investigated. In different ways (writing fiction, scientific research and hands-on work with equality matters), the panelists have explored these questions. Are there strategies to make power more transparent and fairer. 

Lunch will be served. First come, first served.
Category Seminarium
Lecturer Jesssica Schiefauer & scientist Paul Pulé
Organizer Chalmers library
Start 2/19/2020 12:00:00 PM
End 2/19/2020 1:00:00 PM
Location Sal HB1, Hörsalsvägen 8
Campus Johanneberg
Contact information ​Robert Karlsson, robert.k.karlsson@chalmers.se