Seminar - Tracks courses, Study Period 2

Welcome to join our information about Tracks and the courses starting in study period 2, fall 2021.
We will talk about why you should apply for a Tracks course and guide you step by step to how you apply. The course teachers will talk about their courses and answer your questions.

Courses starting in study period 2 (B= basic level, A= advanced level)
1. Data-driven product realization (A), deadline 30 September
2. Solar Energy: from Photons to Future (Societal) Impact (A), deadline 11 October 
3. Emissions from transportation (A and B), deadline 11 October 11
4. Transport informatics (A), deadline 11 October 11

The information is in English and will be organized in a hybrid format.
Log on to the information here
or join us in lecture room HA1 Hörsalsvägen 4, at campus Johanneberg.

More about Tracks 
All courses are open to students at Chalmers in year 2-5. 
Course specific prerequisites for each course (basic: level: TRA100, advanced level: TRA105 and advanced level: TRA115) are described in the syllabus that is found in the Study portal.

How to apply for courses 
To apply for Tracks courses, contact the examiner who is responsible for admission and registration. 
Please contact the examiner in the course you are interested in for more information about the application, start and end times and other questions that are course-specific.
You will find courses open for applications and contact information to the examiners in the table on the page in the link below.
Current courses within Tracks​
Category No registration is needed
Start 9/27/2021 12:00:00 PM
End 9/27/2021 1:00:00 PM
Location Lecture room HA1 or online via Zoom