Apply for your doctor’s degree

Between April 15 and May 22 the way to apply for your degree certificate will be affected!


After completing your studies you can apply for your degree certificate. It is your responsibility that all requirements for graduation are met. The handling process of your application is up to 8 weeks. When your application is issued please note that it may take 1-2 weeks more before it can be sent to you due to control of the compulsory student fee by the Student Union. The degree certificate is issued in both Swedish and English.

When you apply for your doctor's degree you'll have to hand in your doctoral thesis. This must be signed by the Deputy Head of Department or Head of Department.

NOTE! Before you can apply for your degree certificate through this service you must have an approved dissertation plus all courses needed for graduation registered in Ladok.

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Published: Tue 09 Jun 2015. Modified: Sun 15 Apr 2018