New GTS course in research ethics

​ What is ethics in research? Why it is important?
research_PW33294.jpgMedia news about misconduct in regards of the research are not so rare anymore. As technology has a huge global impact through application and use, attention to possible ethical problems is to be seen as an important part of the engineers´competence. As science and technology push boundaries in people´s everyday lives, many researchers are facing complex ethical challenges in their work. With this course Chalmers would like  to encourage its doctoral students to widen their perspectives on research ethics.

The ambition is that the participants will develop competence to analyse how their subject of research correlates to ethical rules, principles and reasoning. This course contains the most important policies, code of conduct and orientation in relevant laws about research ethics and includes lectures on central concepts, reading and group discussions.

First session of the new course called GFOK130 Research Ethics in Science and Technology starts November 13. Doctoral students and young researches with 1,5 year into studies are welcome to join!
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Research Ethics in Science and Technology GFOK130 (3 HEC)

Published: Thu 22 Mar 2018. Modified: Wed 27 Jun 2018