Urban Futures Open Research School – new opportunity to participate

The first course within Urban Futures Open Research School was launched autumn 2017 with a focus on co-production and how to work and bridge the gap between research and practice – Co-production in action - from practice to theory. There has been a great interest in the course ever since. We now open up for admission to the spring course - Co-producing knowledge in transdisciplinary research - From practice to theory.

About the course spring 2019

Co-production in action – from practice to theory course (2x7,5 ECTS) is divided into two parts. During spring 2019 the second course will be held, called Co-producing Knowledge in Transdisciplinary Research - From Practice to Theory. Its directed towards you who are dealing with so called ‘wicked urban problems’ in your daily practice or who aim to address such current and future urban challenges in your PhD research.

The course is given by Mistra Urban Futures/ Chalmers. It’s not mandatory to have taken the first course held autumn 2018, however already admitted participants to the autumn course will be given priority. The course is free of charge and it will be performed at the 'language spoken in the room', i.e Swedish or English depending on the participation at each moment.

Published: Tue 06 Nov 2018.