Take the opportunity to make an impact on your research education!

​Are you a doctoral student at Chalmers? We are now looking for your perspectives and experiences about your research education.

​Chalmers is evaluating its Graduate Schools in 2018. The internal evaluation aims to continually improve the quality in research education. The doctoral students’ input is important for improving your education! Your input will be gathered in a report coordinated by your local PhD Council during April-June 2018.

Purpose of the evaluation is to
  • Describe how the graduate schools ensure that the education fulfills the national objectives for a doctoral degree (Examensmål) and the graduate school’s objectives in the general study plan (Allmän studieplan)
  • Contribute to continuous improvement of quality work in research education

Time schedule for doctoral students’ report
  • April – June: collection of doctoral students’ input and compilation of the report
  • Latest June 30: PhD council sends doctoral students report to Director of studies (Studierektor)

Interested in sharing your views? Please contact your local PhD council, on this page you will find contact details: https://www.dokt.chs.chalmers.se/phd-councils/

For general questions about Chalmers’ evaluation of Graduate Schools, please contact Barbara Sturn, Quality assurance coordinator for research education at Chalmers, barbara.sturn@chalmers.se

Published: Mon 09 Apr 2018.