Optimizing the impact of research publications in the era of open access and social media

Online workshop hosted by the Department of Communication and Learning in Science

Around 3 million scientific articles are published yearly in some 42,500 peer reviewed journals. This growth is exponential and raises questions of whether your research stands out from the crowd, attracts fellow scientists to read and cite, and is available to funders, evaluators, and potential collaborators in their searches so that it receives the credit it deserves. In the current era, open access and social networks play a vital role in making research visible to the world. These elements help researchers to be more visible and influential in their respective research field. Therefore, a well-thought-out publication strategy has become an essential tool for success.

This workshop will focus on factors in developing a publication strategy for an individual as well as a research group. The workshop is a combination of shorter lectures and hands-on exercises.

Target participants

This workshop is open for all doctoral students including industrial doctoral students affiliated with Chalmers University of Technology.


We aim to
  • to increase awareness of publishing issues and maximize the impact of Chalmers’ research.
  • to broaden the use of different media in the development and dissemination of knowledge.
  • to encourage thinking about how to develop a publishing strategy.

Intended learning outcome

At the end of the workshop, the participants will be ablle to
  • evaluate factors that make research more visible and influential,
  • understand how to increase visibility in academic social networks,
  • use online tools for choosing and assessing publication channels,
  • understand open access policies and self-archiving,
  • ensure publication traceability and authors visibility,
  • solve authorship conflicts while conducting research,
  • get recognition for peer-review activities,
  • identify and avoid questionable journals and conferences, and
  • create plans for research data management.


Participants can either join with a title, abstract and keywords for a manuscript in progress, or any published article to be used in the workshop for the demonstration of how to use the recommended online tools to find relevant journals for publishing.

Date and time

When:   Monday, October 12 and November 16 (register for one of the dates).

Time:  13:00 - 15:30 (including break).

Participants:    Maximum 25 persons (first come, first served).

Register at:     https://tinyurl.com/CLS-Workshop-2020 (October 7, 2020 is the deadline).

The registered participants will receive a Zoom link before the workshop.


Dr. Jakaria Rahman and Stina Johansson, Bibliometric analysts at the Division of Research Support, Bibliometrics & Ranking in the Department of Communication and Learning in Science.

For any questions or comments, communicate at


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