Leadership program with gender focus for PhD students

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The purpose of the program is to:
•    Qualify participants and increase their willingness to pursue a career in academia
•    Create a gender neutral, healthy, and equal work environment at Chalmers
•    Support PhD students in their personal & gendered development
•    Increase the PhD students’ knowledge and awareness of gender & power issues at Chalmers and society in general
•    Increase the awareness of one’s own behavior and impact on others
•    Provide the PhD students with new and broader skills, tools, and strategies connected to gender and power and to leading themselves and others
•    Further strengthen the PhD students’ network at Chalmers

Does this sound interesting and inspiring? We hope so! If you would like to participate in the program, and you are a PhD student in your 2nd or 3rd year, please contact your head of division to be one of the nominees from your department. Each department will nominate four persons and the nomination deadline is November 30.

The program spans over several months and participants will be split into two groups divided by gender. The two groups will meet separately as well as together, to create the best possible reflection and discussion throughout the program.

The time spent in the program will be credited as departmental work 6 %.

When you have been accepted for the program it is of the greatest importance that you commit yourself to the dates listed below. 
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The program starts with afternoon together 5/2
Two days in separate groups 21/2 – 22/2
One day together -  27/3
Two days in separate groups 9/5 – 10/5
Two days together 29/8 - 30/8
Two days in separate groups 3/10 - 4/10
Summary of the program, afternoon 23/10
This includes an overnight stay close to Gothenburg when it shows two days.
During the program will we work together with Ulla Holmberg and Jesper Fundberg. They are external consultants with great experience from working in academia and within Chalmers. Internal consultants will be Helen Lejon and Axel Persson from the HR division, leadership and organization development.

The deadline for departments to nominate candidates is November 30, so if you are interested talk to your head of division as soon as possible!

Published: Mon 12 Nov 2018. Modified: Tue 20 Nov 2018