Act Sustainable Research Conference

​We have less than 10 years to transform our world, in order to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG:s). At Act Sustainable Research Conference, researchers associated with Chalmers and the University of Gothenburg have an opportunity to learn, share and discuss what the research community in Gothenburg can bring to the table to advance the role of science in the UN Decade of Action.

We have less than 10 years to transform our world, in order to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The UN Global Sustainable Development Report for 2019 The Future is now: Science for achieving sustainable development states that more ambitious, more transformative and more integrated responses are urgently needed, in order to succeed. Furthermore, the report highlights the need for evidence-driven pathways to transformation and points to the indispensable role of science.

How can research at the University of Gothenburg and Chalmers contribute in this transformation, how can we take advantage of the knowledge and contacts we have in our research and for research utilization purposes, and what can do to favor research that aims to redirect development in a more sustainable direction? These are some of the questions that the conference wish to address.

Call for abstract prolonged

Due the changing circumstances we have decided to prolong the call until September the 20th. We will also explore the possibility to organize poster-sessions during or in connection to the conference. Call for abstracts - deadline 20 September

For more information about the conference visit the conference website here.


Katherine Richardson leader of Sustainability Science Centre at the University of Copenhagen
Christian Azar Professor in Energy and environment at Chalmers University of Technology
Merrit Polk, Professor and head of department at the School of Global Studies at the University of Gothenburg
Gabriel Wikström, Swedish national coordinator for the 2030 Agenda
Anna Jöbörn, CEO at Mistra

Until the very last minute we hoped to be able to meet for Act Sustainable Research conference in a corona-safe way in November. Due to new and current direction decisions from our host universities it now stands clear that a physical conference will not be possible in the year 2020. Instead of postponing the event we have chosen to readjust and commit full heartedly to a digital conference, where you get to listen to key notes, present your own research, be part of round table discussions, network and gain new contacts. The conference will be organized during two half days on 18-19 November.

Published: Wed 16 Sep 2020.