Chalmers' commitment to excellence in research training implies that considerable efforts are made with regard to well-functioning supervision. Chalmers' supervisors obtain continuous support and training in the form of seminars and other activities. The supervisor forum – Chalmers' investment in head supervisors – was started in 2009 with the objective of further-developing a good research environment at Chalmers and to provide research supervisors with support.

As doctoral student, you have the right to supervision that provides you with the help and support you need during your time as doctoral student. You will have a head supervisor and at least one assistant supervisor. You will also have an examiner who may also be your supervisor. Supervisors and examiners together form your supervisory group so that there shall always be a supervisor who has the time and possibility to help with the questions that you wish to discuss.

A doctoral student at a university college that does not have examination rights in doctoral studies, and who is admitted to doctoral studies at Chalmers, may have a head supervisor at the home university college. Such head supervisor shall be qualified as associate professor and be appointed by the head of department or deputy head of department at Chalmers. An assistant supervisor shall be available at Chalmers.

PhD students with an employment other than at Chalmers (e.g. an industrial doctoral student) shall always have an assistant supervisor at their workplace.

Published: Sun 26 Mar 2017.