New supervisor

If problems arise with your postgraduate supervision, turn to one or more of your supervisors as the first step, or to your Director of studies or vice head of department. If you feel that you do not receive the help you need at your department, you can contact Chalmers’ doctoral student representative.

The Rules of Procedure – Doctoral Programmes states the following regarding change of supervisor:

A doctoral student who requests a change of supervisor and is deemed to have good reason to do so shall be granted a change of supervisor or some other equivalent measure. A request for a change of supervisor shall be made in writing to the Head of Department or the Deputy Head of Department. The request shall contain a summary of the background as to why the doctoral student wishes to change supervisor. […] The primary rule is that the assessment of a change of supervisor
takes place at department level. The department’s decision can be appealed to the Vice President for Doctoral Programmes, who makes the final decision in the matter. Appeals should be made in writing and should be accompanied by the relevant written background information.

Published: Tue 05 Feb 2019.