Questions and Answers


When do I get a salary increase?
The salary for employed graduates follows a scale. The scale is revised annually. You get a salary raise according to the scale when you have completed the licentiate degree (or reached 50% of your doctoral studies). You can find information about current salaries at Chalmers Insidan.
Is teaching part of my graduate studies?
As a graduate you will primarily devote yourself to your own research study. Other tasks can also be included in your employment, corresponding to a maximum of 20% of your working time. These will primarily involve undergraduate teaching at Chalmers, but other tasks that are thought to contribute to your development as a researcher can also be included.
Is my graduate studentship four years or five?
It is not clear that the period of your graduate study will be financed for five years. Your graduate studentship is normally financed for four years. An extension of the studentship (for a maximum of one year) corresponds to the period you have taught, i.e. you can yourself finance the fifth year with the aid of teaching time and/or departmental duties.
Who do I approach if I have problems with my supervision?
Get in touch with the graduate ombudsman (DOMB) and or with the Doctoral Student Guild if you cannot solve this problem together with your head of department, examiner and supervisor.
Can I ask for leave of absence?
Leave of absence should be discussed with the supervisor and Head of division. It is evaluated in each case whether the leave is granted or not and if it allows extension of the employment as a PhD student.
What about vacation and parental leave?
Employed graduates are entitled to vacation and parental leave, just like other employees . The planning of your vacation leave should be made in consultation with your supervisor. You report all kinds of leaves (sick leave, vacation leave, parental leave, etc.) using the Primula web.
I have been on parental leave - will my employment be extended?
Parental leave should not prevent you from being able to finish your doctoral degree. You are therefore entitled to extension of your employment for as much time as you have been on leave.
How do I prolong my contract due to parental leave or sick leave?
When the contract is close to ending you shold discuss with your supervisor about extension. Travel and Salaryservice (LRS) can give you information about how long you have been on leave, in total. The (human resources) administrator at your department does the paperwork to ensure that your employment is extended.


What is meant by an individual study programme?
This is a study programme and timetable for your thesis which you and your supervisor draw up together. The individual study programme should be regarded as a contract between you and your supervisor in which the requirements made of you and of your supervisor should be clearly stated.
Can I receive credit for parts of graduate study I have completed at another university?
Yes, this is possible if the study is relevant. The assessment of previous graduate study is made by the examiner and supervisor.
Can I count courses I have taken in my undergraduate study twice?
In order to answer this question, see the syllabus for the relevant graduate school or get in touch with the relevant director of studies. Certain graduate schools allow double counting if, as an MSc Engineering, you have obtained at least grade four (or the equivalent for those of you who have a master’s degree), while other graduate schools might have other rules.
Which graduate courses are there?
The range of courses can be found on Chalmers website under the heading Departments' graduate courses.
Which individual courses are compulsory?
To get correct information about compulsory courses you should study the general syllabus for your graduate school. Apart from certain subject-specific courses the General Introduction for Doctoral Students and courses in the field of Generic and Transferable Skills are compulsory. For more information about compulsory courses (and other parts) of your graduate studies you should contact the Director of Studies of your graduate school.
Which grades can you be awarded on your graduate courses?
Only pass or fail are awarded as grades on all graduate courses.
Do you get a grade for your doctoral thesis and licentiate dissertation?
The only grades awarded are pass or fail.
What should I do before the licentiate seminar?
Here you find information about the licentiate seminar and what you should do before it.
How do I apply for the licentiate degree?
Here you find information about how to apply for your licentiate degree certificate.
When and how do I give notification that I want to present my thesis?
Here you find information about your public defence and what you should do before it.
Do I have to write my thesis in English?
In general the thesis is written in English, but in exceptional cases you may write it in Swedish. For your own sake it is more advantageous to write in English so that your research can be disseminated across large parts of the world.
What do I do if I want to change to a different graduate school?
Study the syllabus, in which certain transitional rules can be found in greater detail. Generally speaking, a decision to change must be signed by the deputy head of department and the graduate. The decision is then handed to Ladok, Office for Administration of Studies.
What should I do before the doctoral thesis defence?
Here you find information about your public defence and what you should do before it.
How do I apply for the PhD degree?
Here you find information about how to apply for a PhD degree certificate.

Published: Tue 18 Jun 2019.