Individual syllabus

​An important part at the beginning of your doctoral studies is to prepare an individual syllabus together with your head supervisor and in consultation with your examiner. The individual syllabus must be prepared within three months of your admission, and must be followed up at least once a year. The syllabus shall contain details of the courses you plan to take in addition to those that are compulsory within your field of research, as well as the courses from the offer of more general and joint doctoral courses that you choose to read. The syllabus must also contain information about your research task, along with approximate pedagogical merits etc. required for you to achieve the doctoral-degree goals.

The individual syllabus should be perceived as a contract established between you and your head supervisor, where the demands placed both on you and your supervisor are clearly set forth. The syllabus shall be signed by you and your supervisor and approved by the examiner. It will then be submitted to the director of studies of the graduate school, who shall ensure that the syllabus be available at the department.

Research, and thereby also doctoral studies, by nature contain an element of unpredictability. It is important when the unexpected arises that you discuss with your supervisor the possible need to adapt your individual syllabus to the new situation. Changes agreed in consultation shall be approved by the examiner and submitted to the director of studies.

Should you neglect your undertakings in the syllabus to a significant extent, the head of department may decide that you as a doctoral student do not have the right to continued supervision and other resources for doctoral studies. Such decision may not be based on financial circumstances. Before such a decision is taken, you shall have the right, together with your supervisor, to express an opinion. Should such a situation arise, the Doctoral Student Section and the doctoral student representative (“DOMB”) should also be contacted. The decision may be appealed to the vice-president for doctoral studies, who shall take the final decision.

Published: Tue 08 Nov 2016. Modified: Sun 26 Mar 2017