Course element of doctoral studies

​The course element of doctoral studies varies among the different graduate schools at Chalmers. The general syllabus for your graduate school describes how many credits are covered by the course element. The course element comprises compulsory courses that are specific to your graduate school, as well as courses that are compulsory for all doctoral students, known as general compulsory courses.

General compulsory courses (joint doctoral courses)
For all doctoral students reading doctoral studies at Chalmers, there are courses that are compulsory for both doctoral degrees and licentiate degrees that embrace courses/items regarding presentation techniques, ethics and sustainable development, as well as the joint general introduction.

It is very important that you apply to attend the compulsory courses as soon as possible. The compulsory courses must be read by all of Chalmers' doctoral students, which implies that there may be a queue for the course dates that you had envisaged.

Optional courses
Chalmers also offers a number of optional, joint university-college courses. You should discuss with your supervisor which courses would suit your individual syllabus. There are new rules that apply to doctoral students admitted as of 1 September 2012 (see Generic and Transferable Skills below).

Generic and Transferable Skills
"Generic and Transferable Skills" is an international comprehensive term for knowledge and skills that do not have any direct association with your field of research or to a certain profession. It could also be described as "personal and professional development". Examples of areas covered are Communication, Leadership, Project Management, Career Planning, Utilisation, Ethics, Sustainable Development and Pedagogy.

Chalmers already has courses with credits within this field among both the general compulsory and optional courses to enable you as doctoral student to develop individually and based on your requirements. The offer of courses is now being systemised and gradually expanded.

Doctoral students admitted as of 1 September 2012 will have compulsory elements from this area embracing 15 HE credits.

Courses at other graduate schools
It should be noted that there are courses at other graduate schools both within and outside Chalmers that could well fit into your syllabus. 

Published: Tue 08 Nov 2016. Modified: Fri 27 Oct 2017