Handbook for doctoral studies

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On these pages we have gathered together information for those of you who are pursuing graduate study at Chalmers University of Technology. As a doctoral student you have been admitted to one of Chalmers graduate schools and on your way towards a licentiate/doctoral degree you may sometimes need a little advice, some hints and guidance. There's also plenty of information for you that are not a PhD student but still engaged in the education in one form or another.
This is where we provide answers to questions such as:
  • What courses are compulsory for a PhD Student to take a degree?
  • When and how should a PhD Student give notice that he or she wish to defend the thesis (the defence)?
  • How is this defence conducted?
  • Who do you turn to if you have problems with supervision?
  • Who can help you with English language revision?
  • Who is responsible for the research programme at Chalmers, and so on.
If you find something that needs updating, or have suggestions for information that is missing, feel free to contact us.

Published: Wed 12 Oct 2016. Modified: Mon 27 Mar 2017