Quality assurance

​Chalmers' doctoral studies shall maintain a high level of international quality. The vice-president for doctoral studies and the Doctoral Programmes Committee shall ultimately secure prerequisites to enable the doctoral-degree objectives to be achieved. For daily activities, quality assurance procedures shall be carried out by deputy heads of department, directors of studies, supervisors and doctoral students, where the head of department or alternatively the deputy head of department shall have the principal responsibility for developing and improving activities at each department's graduate schools.

Evaluation of graduate schools

An evaluation of all graduate schools is performed every four years in accordance with a well-developed model, with the purpose of contributing to the development of doctoral studies in a systematic and documented manner. Such evaluations shall also examine whether the doctoral studies meet established goals, and in particular how the PhD students experience their study situation.

Course evaluations
Our ambition is that all courses within doctoral studies shall be evaluated. Such evaluations may be performed in several different ways depending on the character and number of participants of each course. As a doctoral student, you may always request information at the beginning of the course as to how the evaluation will be performed.

Published: Tue 08 Nov 2016. Modified: Wed 07 Feb 2018