Objectives for a doctoral degree

The objectives and requirements for a doctoral degree at Chalmers are regulated in the Local Qualifications Framework for third cycle qualifications.

In brief, Chalmers' overall objectives imply that those who complete their doctoral degree shall be able to:

  • formulate scientific issues
  • perform research by applying scientific research methodology and place the results in a broader context
  • critically evaluate their own and others' research
  • cooperate effectively in cross-disciplinary research groups through an open attitude to other scientific fields
  • convey knowledge in a pedagogical manner
  • apply a research-ethical attitude

The objectives at subject level are described in the general syllabuses of each graduate school – see links under the section Doctoral study subjects and graduate schools.

Doctoral studies provide you with knowledge of scientific methods and theories that you use and further develop. Upon completion of your studies, you shall have reached a level where you will be able to carry out your own projects by formulating relevant problems and issues, analyse, process and systemise data, as well as compare with previous scientific results. Doctoral studies provide you with a scientific way of analysing and processing problems and a deep subject-oriented understanding.

Local Qualifications Framework for Chalmers University of Technology Dnr C 2016-1079 vers 1.6 160629.pdfLocal Qualifications Framework
Rules of Procedure - Doctoral Programmes

Published: Thu 14 Mar 2019.