How Chalmers' research education is managed

​The president of Chalmers has delegated to a vice-president the responsibility to ensure the development and quality of doctoral studies, and that doctoral studies are developed in accordance with Chalmers' vision and strategic plan. This vice-president is chairperson of the Doctoral Programmes Committee.

The Doctoral Programmes Committee is advisory and handles doctoral-related issues centrally at Chalmers. Doctoral students are represented within the Doctoral Programmes Committee, together with the vice-president for doctoral studies and the deputy heads of department.

The head of department is ultimately responsible for doctoral studies at your department. Normally, deputy heads of department handle each department's overall questions concerning doctoral studies, and report to their head of department. Examiners have the overall responsibility for doctoral studies within each subject.

Each graduate school also has a director of studies. His/her area of responsibility is to ensure that courses be developed and that seminar activities be maintained, as well as to ensure that underlying data be available to enable the evaluation of the graduate school's activities. The director of studies shall also ensure that studies be followed up at least once a year for all doctoral students attending the graduate school.

Published: Tue 08 Nov 2016. Modified: Tue 26 Feb 2019