Licentiate Seminar

The licentiate seminar must take place during term time, August 25 - June 12, and during normal working hours. If you have particular reasons, the dean of the school can allow the licentiate seminar to take place outside this period. Together with your principal supervisor you must contact the dean and state your reasons.

The licentiate seminar must, unless there are particular reasons, take place on the Chalmers campus.

Announcement of licentiate thesis
Together with your examiner you must, no later than one month prior to the planned date, present a written request to the head of the department. At the same time you must suggest the time and venue for the seminar.

Licentiate thesis
The licentiate thesis must be available at your department and at the school office for a period of at least three weeks prior to the seminar.

The quality of the licentiate thesis must, after possible reworking, be of such a standard that it can be included in a scientific publication of a good international standard.

Published: Tue 08 Nov 2016. Modified: Mon 21 May 2018