Distribution of the licentiate thesis

​The thesis must be available at your department and the school office for at least three weeks prior to the seminar.
You must also send/hand in the thesis to:

  • your own department office
  • Chalmers main library or the Chalmers Learning Commons (1 copy)
  • 'sister' institutions at other universities (one copy to each institution)
  • other interested parties in consultation with the examiner

References, information about where the dissertation is available and when the seminar is to be held must be handed in/sent to:

  • all members of the school (the school office has a list)
  • members of the school board who are not part of the school (the school office has a list)
  • 'sister' institutions at other universities in Sweden

Routines for the licentiate degree can vary slightly from school to school. Information is available from the school office.

Published: Mon 18 Feb 2019.