Apply for a licentiate degree

When you have completed your licentiate studies you can apply for a licentiate degree certificate. The degree certificate is issued in both Swedish and English (bilingual). It will be sent to the address given in your application. For those who give an address outside the Nordic Region the degree certificate will be sent by registered post. Please remember to give us your new email address in your application.
Chalmers’ aim is to award degrees within the recommended two months. This requires a complete application with all documents regarding possible credit transfers and exemptions registered in Chalmers 360. Please note that the time to process an application can be either shorter or longer than two months, depending on the workload. If you apply for a degree at the end of a term it usually takes longer to obtain the degree certificate.

How to apply for your degree

Pay your Student Union membership
At Chalmers University of Technology the Student Union membership is compulsory. This applies to all courses and all terms, even if the studies are performed at a company and/or abroad. The Office of Degrees will check if the fee to the Student Union has been paid in full when you apply for the degree certificate. Please contact the Student Union to make sure that you have paid for all your terms. More information regarding the Student Union membership can be found here.
Check your course results
Check your results by contacting your department. If a course result is missing, or there are any other errors, you should contact your department before you apply for the degree. For exemptions a signed decision document should be saved by the responsible official in Chalmers 360.

The department will save the following document in Chalmers 360:
Apply online
When the department has saved the above document in Chalmers 360 you can apply for your degree online, by using the service in Ladok, Apply here >>

Attach documents
In the last step of applying online you need to attach the following documentation as pdf-files:
  • A copy of the front page of the thesis
  • Confirmation from the Library that a copy of the thesis has been submitted to them
  • If you do not have a Swedish personal identity number you also need to attach a copy of your passport
If you don't succeed in applying online
Should you for some reason not be able to apply online we kindly ask you to send the documents listed above along with the
by e-mail to You can also use regular or internal mail: The Office of Admissions and Degrees, Chalmers University of Technology, SE-412 96 Göteborg, Sweden.
Information to employees at the department
Please observe that as of January 1, 2015, all the documents concerning a licentiate degree student shall be archived and registered in Chalmers 360 by the department. Write the name of the researcher in the heading of the file, so it will be traceable within Chalmers 360. If the documents are missing in Chalmers 360 the Office of Degrees will not be able to issue a degree certificate within a reasonable period of time. It is of great importance that the researcher will submit an application for his or her degree, since the handing in of the application form sets of the degree process. Please remind the researchers of that they should apply for their licentiate degree.
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Published: Tue 08 Nov 2016. Modified: Fri 15 Feb 2019