Registration in LADOK

Chalmers uses the study documentation system LADOK, where all doctoral students are registered. Registration takes place in conjunction with your admission to doctoral studies. The following information and data are contained in LADOK:

  • Personal details, i.e. name, address and personal ID number
  • Date of admission
  • Graduate school/field of doctoral studies
  • Undergraduate degree, i.e. the university or university college where you took your first degree
  • Licentiate degree
  • Activity, i.e. what proportion of your time was devoted to only research studies (not including teaching or other work at an department)
  • Financial support, e.g. through doctoral employment
  • Courses passed within your doctoral studies

Please notify the person responsible for LADOK at your department of any changes of address and similar information. Upon change of name and personal identification number, you must submit an updated civic registration certificate to the Office of Study Administration and System Management for the change to be made in LADOK. The distribution of information and other items to doctoral students is based on the address details contained in LADOK.

Published: Fri 01 Mar 2019.