Talk about your research

Talking about your and Chalmers' research is important. Taxpayers are curious to know what we do with the tax revenues that finance the major part of our activities. Spreading knowledge also creates new opportunities – and more people hear about you and your research and Chalmers. There can be several suitable occasions for you to make a presentation during your time as PhD student – at an important conference, or particularly interesting results in conjunction with your licentiate thesis or prior to your doctoral thesis defence.

Contact the communications officer at your department or the Communications and Marketing office for support in expressing yourself in a popular manner and oriented towards a specific target group. Several information channels are available depending on the field of research and its news value, and the target groups that you wish to address.

For those admitted to doctoral studies as of 1 September 2012, it is compulsory to make a popular-science presentation of your research before defending your doctoral thesis. This is one of the activities included in Generic and Transferable Skills.

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Published: Sun 26 Mar 2017.