Generic and Transferable Skills (GTS)


Doctoral students at Chalmers have access to a cross-cultural learning environment, interdisciplinary graduate schools, scientific conferences in Sweden and abroad and an international environment where they can carry out their research in contact with other research groups and trained supervisors. Chalmers strives to increase the mobility of doctoral students between universities and non-academic organisations.

However, as research in science and technology is becoming increasingly complex and resource-demanding, the requirements for new knowledge and competence of researchers are driven by demands for multidisciplinary solutions and needs to understand a variety of viewpoints.

The ability to cooperate across borders is essential, and personal skills in fields such as communication, networking, project management, leadership, entrepreneurship and popular scientific presentations become increasingly valuable elements in a successful career.

To meet the new demands in the field of personal and professional development, Chalmers has designed a program of courses for PhD students in “Generic and Transferable Skills" (GTS).

Learn more about GTS at the Generic and Transferable Skills section at the doctoral portal

For doctoral students enrolled after 1 September 2012
15 hec of the GTS curriculum is mandatory, thereof 9 hec should be finalized before the licentiate degree.

To learn more about GTS activities mandatory to all doctoral students at Chalmers, please visit GTS>>

Published: Tue 08 Nov 2016. Modified: Thu 25 Oct 2018