Employment and financing

Employment as doctoral student
Chalmers actively endeavours to ensure equal conditions for its doctoral students. Chalmers has therefore resolved, as far as is possible, to employ doctoral students in a doctoral position. Exceptions are made for industrial doctoral students and doctoral students employed at a university college without examination rights in doctoral studies.

A doctoral position is a time-limited employment with the benefits and responsibility associated with being employed. An employment implies entitlement to paid holiday, occupational injury insurance, parental leave, as well as an income that gives right to retirement pension contributions and unemployment benefits (provided you have registered with the respective unemployment benefit fund). You will also have the right to paid sick leave, medicinal benefits, and access to occupational healthcare.

Working hours are equivalent to normal full-time. Part-time work, apart from legislated leaves of absence currently in force, may be exceptionally allowed for those who combine their studies with an employment outside Chalmers, if such would be beneficial to their studies. Before such part-time work can be approved, you and the head supervisor must together agree a schedule as to how the studies will be performed.

The salary of doctoral students shall be determined by the university further to negotiations with trade-union organisations. The Doctoral student agreement sets forth the salary levels used and how the salary increases throughout the employment.

Industrial doctoral student
About 15 percent of Chalmers' doctoral students are so-called industrial doctoral students. An industrial doctoral student is employed by a company (or equivalent) and pursues doctoral studies at Chalmers at least half-time within the framework of their employment. The doctoral student normally receives his/her entire salary from the company. Research projects are chosen in consultation with the doctoral student's company. As an example, experimental work may sometimes be completely or partially carried out at the company. Industrial doctoral students follow the general syllabus of the graduate school, and shall therefore also read doctoral courses and take part in teaching. As an industrial doctoral student, you will have a head supervisor at Chalmers. An assistant supervisor shall always be present at the company.

Other university colleges
Chalmers also admits doctoral students from university colleges that do not have their own examination rights within doctoral studies. As a doctoral student from another university college, you will have your employment with your home college and be admitted to doctoral studies by one of Chalmers' graduate schools. You will follow the syllabus applicable to your graduate school. An experienced researcher at your university college may be your head supervisor. At least one assistant supervisor shall be present at Chalmers.

If particular grounds exist, Chalmers' vice-president with responsibility for doctoral studies may decide that doctoral studies be financed by a scholarship.

Published: Tue 08 Nov 2016. Modified: Tue 26 Feb 2019