Teaching or other work at a department

​You will use part of your time as doctoral student to develop your pedagogical and communicative skills, which is an important part of your personal development. The proportion for doctoral students who have full-time employment is a maximum of 20 percent of the working hours, and most often implies that you participate in Chalmers' undergraduate programme. As a support, a course in pedagogy comprising at least 3 HE credits is a mandatory part of your doctoral studies. It is not certain that your teaching work will be evenly spread during your time as doctoral student. Certain periods may imply more teaching than others. Please consult the person who is responsible for teaching at your department so that you know in good time when you will teach and to what extent.

At departments that contain only a small number of courses within Chalmers' undergraduate programme, you may as doctoral student instead perform other tasks within the department. However, such tasks should preferably be associated with your development as researcher.

Industrial doctoral students shall take part in the departments' teaching in order to meet the need to develop their pedagogical skills. The objective is that the teaching part shall represent 10 percent of the working hours as PhD student. In certain cases, industrial doctoral students may already have a good pedagogical background and be able to provide pedagogical knowledge and experience to their research environment. It is therefore important that such industrial doctoral students also take part in the departments' teaching.

Published: Tue 08 Nov 2016. Modified: Sun 26 Mar 2017