Period of employment

​Employment as a doctoral student is limited in time and may normally be held for a maximum total of five years, where a period corresponding to four years will be devoted to the part of your doctoral studies composed of courses and research tasks. The remaining time shall be spent on teaching or other work at the department. Corresponding periods for studies for a licentiate degree are 2½ years and two years respectively.

The first period of employment shall be for a maximum of one year. The subsequent employment periods shall be a maximum of two years each. Prior to each new employment period, the supervisory group shall determine whether you have the prerequisites to complete your doctoral studies up to a degree. Such appraisal may not be based on financial preconditions.

Should you take your doctoral degree within a shorter period than the five years that a doctoral position covers, you may be employed for a maximum of one further year after obtaining the degree. Such decision shall be taken by the head of department.

According to Chalmers' Rules of Procedure, a temporarily employed doctoral student shall be informed of that the 5-year limit is soon to expire at least three months before the final date. The expiry date shall be monitored by the Payroll and Travel Expenses Service and the HR specialist of your department. In conjunction with the termination of your employment, you will be informed by your closest manager whether you have any remaining holiday entitlement. Pursuant to the Swedish Annual Leave Act, earned holiday shall be taken as leave.

Should the employment period have been for three years or more, you will receive information about the Job Foundation. The Payroll and Travel Expenses Service will inform the Job Foundation that your period of employment has expired.

Job Security Foundation

Published: Tue 08 Nov 2016. Modified: Thu 18 Jan 2018