What happens after I have sent in my application?

When the Office of Degrees has received your application we begin the process of reviewing your results. Please note that we don’t send a confirmation that your application has been received. If anything is unclear or needs to be supplemented, we will contact you or your department either by email or phone.

In order for the process to be efficient, it is important that your application is complete. If you have made any deviation in your studies it is vital that you make certain that this is documented and registered in Chalmers 360. This is done by your department; please contact them to verify that it has been done. The same applies for possible credit transfers. We revue the degree certificate applications in the order that they are submitted.

How long does it take to receive the degree certificate?
Chalmers’ aim is to award degrees within the recommended two months. This requires a complete application with all documents regarding possible credit transfers and exemptions registered in Chalmers 360. Please note that the time to process an application can be either shorter or longer than two months, depending on the workload. If you apply for a degree at the end of a term or during the summer holidays it usually takes longer to obtain the degree.  If the application isn’t complete or if the study plan needs to be supplemented, the time is also prolonged.

As Officers of Degrees we are experts in Degree Diplomas. Our knowledge is in demand at Chalmers hence why we do not only work with the processing of degree applications, but also work as experts in various groups where this knowledge is needed.

Contact information
Always remember to write your full name, personal identification number and whether you are applying for a licentiate or a PhD degree in all contacts with the Office of Degrees. If you have any questions or need more information please contact the Office of Degrees at examen.stodet@chalmers.se

Published: Mon 05 Nov 2018.