What should you bear in mind?

When you finalise a project – do not throw away or delete the material! Neither may you take things home just like that. Contact the department's administrator or the person responsible for archive issues at the department. Or alternatively it may be suitable to contact a supervisor or project manager. You may also contact staffs who work with archive questions centrally at Chalmers.

Before handing over the documentation, the material should be cleared of any memoranda, copies and other items that are not of interest. The responsibility for such lies with the researcher, because it is he/she who is most acquainted with the material. A discussion with an archivist can often be useful should borderline problems arise.

When archiving, it is important to describe the project and build a certain structure, i.e. separate the different types of documentation and material. When this has been done, each project should be archived individually.

Dan Holfve, University Archivist

Published: Tue 08 Nov 2016. Modified: Sun 26 Mar 2017