What is a public document?

Documents and items that have been received by or that are produced in the activity are considered as being public documents, irrespective of the format they may have. This means that they could be paper documents, electronic files, photographs or sound recordings, etc.
Documents and items received for a research project are public documents already when they arrive. This shall apply to all incoming documents and items irrespective of how informal or sketchy they may be. The sender in such cases could be, for example, another public authority or research colleague at another seat of learning.

Documents and items that originate within the departments during project work become public at different times, although as a rule when they are sent/dispatched. In most other cases, they become public first when the research has been completed and the results presented. Up until this moment, the documents and items are considered as being working materials.

However, research documents can sometimes contain information that may need to be classified as confidential. On the other hand, it is important to note that one may only do so when supported by the Swedish Public Access to Information and Secrecy Act (SFS 2009:400). Should you be uncertain about this particular point, you may contact one of Chalmers' legal advisors or archivists.

Dan Holfve, University Archivist

Published: Tue 08 Nov 2016. Modified: Sun 26 Mar 2017