Normal paced course in Swedish

The aim of this course is to learn the basics of the Swedish language in order to understand others and to be understood in everyday work and life situations.


The classes are held once per week at Chalmers’ campus during day time. Each class is 2 hrs 15 minutes. You sign up for the basic level lasting one term and can then continue for another term if you wish.

Learning outcomes

After completing the course, you will be able to understand simple, naturally spoken Swedish in daily life situations at work and outside of work. The course focuses on speaking skills and covers some information about Sweden and the Swedish educational system.


The focus is on oral communication and the teaching is in Swedish from the start. Communication takes place both between a teacher and a student and between students. The grammar is also practised in writing. Pronunciation and listening comprehension are important parts of the classes.

Registration and practicalities

Register through the supplier’s web page
If the stated day and time does not suit your calendar, check back later as new dates are announced as soon as one course is filled.
Note! When you register for the course, please state which department you are employed at in the box “Message” at the end of the registration form.

Published: Tue 02 Jan 2018. Modified: Thu 04 Jan 2018