Swedish for PhD students at Chalmers

Knowing the language of the country you live in enables you to participate more actively in society, take part of everyday information and dialogues as well as easing contacts with authorities. To advance in the academic career you are expected to teach students using both English and Swedish.

At Chalmers, we prioritize your language skills, see extract from Chalmers language policy:
Since high language competence is expected today, employees need to be given opportunities to develop both their English and Swedish skills.

As a PhD student, you are encouraged to participate in Swedish language training free of charge for you and your department.

There are two options:
Intense Swedish training - get a kick-start with a two weeks summer training camp followed by 2 weekly training sessions, each 2 hrs 15 min, for 14 weeks. At the end of the training you take the Swedex exam at level A2 and get a proof of your proficiency.
Normal paced Swedish training - one training session a week, each 2 hrs 15 min, for 14 weeks. You sign up for one term and have the option to continue a second term.

Note: These courses are aimed at PhD students employed at Chalmers. If there are seats available young researchers at Chalmers can participate in the trainings.

Published: Mon 19 Sep 2016. Modified: Thu 04 Jan 2018