Intensive program in Swedish for PhD students

The Intensive program will not be offered during 2019. 

Would you like to learn Swedish quickly to be able to join in with conversations at work and in everyday life?

Chalmers in collaboration with Folkuniversitetet offers an intensive program in Swedish for postgraduate students.

The program is aimed at students planning to stay in Sweden or to teach in Swedish, or for any other reason want to become part of Swedish society as quickly as possible.


The Swedish studies usually run throughout the whole semester, starting with a two-week stay on Visingsö, known as The Island of the Kings and the Winds. You will have an excellent chance to build a network of colleagues from other departments at Chalmers whilst enhancing your languege skills and getting to know more about Swedish culture. You will also recieve an introduction to working life at Chalmers and in Sweden during this two-week period. 
After the initial two weeks on Visingsö, the language teaching continues throughout the fall semester with two classes per week held at Chalmers campus, ending with a Swedex exam, at Level A2. The Swedex exam is an internationally recognized certificate in Swedish as a foreign language.

The intensive program consists of the following activities:
•    A two-week intensive residential course at Braheskolan, Visingsö. 
•    Two classes per week over the fall semester at Chalmers campus.

•    Swedex exam at level A2

Learning outcomes

After completing the course and taking the exam, you will be able to make yourself understood and to understand others in a variety of everyday situations, as well as communicate in simple Swedish.
The program focuses on enhancing speaking skills and giving information on how Swedish society works.
The program also introduces students to the Swedish culture, traditions and customs.



The teaching includes a lot of practical exercises, for example conversations in a whole group or in small groups, integrating grammar and new vocabulary. This can take place in the form of practice examples, or in a more open way as conversations based on current themes.
There is also written practice of the grammar elements.
Pronunciation practice and listening comprehension exercises are other important components of every class.



Visingsö is situated outside of Gränna, around 200 kilometers from Gothenburg.
Read more about this beautiful island HERE
The school  arranges guided tours of the island, historical events, and traditional carriage rides. Besides planned activities on –site, all participants can explore other offerings like playing tennis, regulated-temperature outdoor swimming, football, bicycle hire, playing boules or Swedish "kubb".

Sounds interesting?

This program is offered for the first time, and we believe it will give a fantastic opportunity for postgraduate students, whom are possibly new in Sweden and Chalmers, to have a great start by learning language and customs faster and along the way finding new friends .
To take part in the intensive program in Swedish , as a student, you should speak to your supervisor and get an approval to participate in all three activities of the program
Generally, participation is free of charge, but late cancellations - except for illness or other unforeseen circumstances - will be charged to your department.

As soon as you have an approval from your supervisor, contact the designated person at your department and submit an application. You will receive a confirmation and admission notification from Folkuniversitetet with practical details in good time before the residential course.
The course is now fully booked. Please send applications for the waiting list and possible new course if there is a great interest.

Contact persons at the departments:
Architecture and Civil Engineering             Lena Högberg
Biology and Biological Engineering             Sofie Halldén
Chemistry and Chemical Engineering         Carina Pettersson
Communication and Learning in Science   Anna Stupak
Computer Science and Engineering            Sanna Erling Almér
Electrical engineering                                    Pia Karlsson
Industrial and Materials Science                  Christina Haglund
Mathematical Sciences                                 Helena Rafstedt
Mechanics and Maritime Sciences              Åsa Eriksson
Microtechnology and Nanoscience              Jeanette Träff
Physics                                                             Anna Lindqvist
Space, Earth and Environment                     Marie Iwanow
Technology Management and Economics   Yvonne Olausson or Tiina Rankanen

If you have further question, you are welcome to contact, putting “Intensive program in Swedish” in the subject line. ”

Published: Wed 10 Jul 2019.