Swedish for PhD students at Chalmers

Knowing the language of the country you live in enables you to participate more actively in society, take part of everyday information and dialogues as well as easing contacts with authorities. To advance in the academic career you are expected to teach students using both English and Swedish. 

At Chalmers, we prioritize your language skills, see extract from Chalmers language policy:
"Since high language competence is expected today, employees need to be given opportunities to develop both their English and Swedish skills. "

As a PhD student, you are encouraged to participate in Swedish language training free of charge for you and your department.

The Swedish language program offered within GTS aimed at beginners and covers basic topics up to A1 level (Normal paced training) and A2 level (Intensive training).

Main content of the training:
   - simple models for introducing yourself, greeting someone, going to a restaurant, talking on the phone, arranging a meeting etc.
   - classroom phrases, asking for information.
   - discussing and asking about everyday life and simple situations at work.
   - understanding simple, naturally spoken Swedish in daily life situations at work and in social situations.
   - simple texts and dialogues.
  - simple messages and e-mails
Additional topics:
   - some information about Sweden and the Swedish educational system
   - simple terms and expressions within the university context

There are two options for you to start learning Swedish:
Intensive Swedish training (not available in 2019) - get a kick-start with a two weeks summer training camp followed by 2 weekly training sessions, each 2 hrs 15 min, for 14 weeks. At the end of the training you take the Swedex exam at level A2 and get a proof of your proficiency.
Normal paced Swedish training - one training session a week, each 2 hrs 15 min, for 14 weeks. You sign up for one term and have the option to continue a second term, thus completing A1 level. For obtaining A2 level and Swedex exam you should contact your manager and recieve funding from your Department..

Finishing you training on campus doesn´t mean you should stop learning Swedish, on the contrary, we hope you discover that it was not so difficult and perhaps will continue master your language skills. If you are interested to continue your studies, you should contact your Division Manager/Administrative Chief to find out if there is a local group studying Swedish at your department that you maybe can join or you can proceed studying Swedish on your own but supported financially by the department. Language training on B1 and B2 levels is a subject for agreement between a student and his/her department and financially supported by the department. 

So, quick guidelines to summarise:
1.    At Chalmers we offer Swedish language training free of charge up to level A1 level (Normal paced) and A2 (Intensive paced).
2.    Training is offered as intensive and normal paced. Read more about each training option on the respective webpage.
3.    After the intensive training, if you did well on Swedex exam and gained A2-level certificate, but wish to continue with your language training, then take contact with your Division Manager or Administrative Chief of your department and see what can be arranged at your department. B1 and B2- levels are not included in the Swedish training arranged by GTS.

Published: Mon 19 Sep 2016. Modified: Fri 24 May 2019