English Language Training

Chalmers offers several courses to our students to raise their competency in the English language. As a PhD student, you are welcome to participate in these courses according to the needs defined in your study plan.
Please note that the Higher Education credits (HEC) gained in these courses cannot be counted towards your GTS quota of 15 HEC for your PhD exam.
The courses are listed below in order of difficulty/level of proficiency, starting with the easiest level and progressing to the most difficult level.
Click the links to see the full course descriptions in “Studieportalen”.
FSP055 English
The aim of the course is to prepare students who need to use English in their studies at Chalmers. The course is intended mainly for basic to intermediate students who need to strengthen their ability to speak, write and understand English.
FSP046 English for Engineers
The aim of the course is to improve students’ level of proficiency in English in different communicative situations. This means developing students' ability in English for academic studies at Master's level as well as in professional life.
LSP505 Technical writing for master´s studies
The purpose of the course is to give the students tools for writing at Master's level, particularly as regards writing the Master's thesis and reporting technical studies. This involves a process oriented approach to writing. It also involves learning how to develop text documents systematically and to communicate technical, empirical work effectively in writing and speaking.
CIU285 Advanced technical and scientific communication
The course aims to establish a solid foundation for analysing and understanding what characterizes and influences effective technical and scientific communication. The course aims at preparing students for transitioning between communication in higher education and workplace communication. Finally, the course aims for participants to be able to communicate technical content effectively.
FSP071 Tutoring and supervising technical communication: improving the communication of colleagues
The course aims to prepare participants for a professional context of working with colleagues to improve language and communication in projects that involve advanced communication of technical or scientific content.  The course also aims to establish the pedagogical tools and awareness required for effective supervision or tutoring of technical communication. The course provides the necessary background to work as a peer tutor in Chalmers Writing Centre (CWC).

Published: Fri 12 Jan 2018. Modified: Tue 05 Jun 2018