Advanced Communication - Popular Presentations

Course Code: GFOK045
Number of Credits: 1,5 HEC

Number of Participants: 18

Autumn 2018 - Registration

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Dates Autumn 2018
2018-5: 27/8, 10/9 - Johanneberg
2018-6: 8/10, 24/10 - Johanneberg
2018-7: 7/11, 19/11 - Johanneberg
2018-8: 3/12, 19/12 - Johanneberg

Time Schedule

Day 1:
9.00 - 17.00
Day 2: 2h Group Seminar; Preparing the talk.
Not scheduled, the group decides on when and where to meet. Date and time is therefore flexible.
Day 3 2h Group Seminar, Testing the talk.
Not scheduled, the group decides on when and where to meet. Date and time is therefore flexible.
Day 4: 8.15-12.00 and 13.00-17.00

The aim of this course is to develop you into a more conscious presenter with capability to effectively choose communication strategy that will:

  • get complex messages across
  • make you speak effectively and interestingly
  • develop your personal capabilities to appear in a confident manner in front of your audiences
  • deal with unexpected situations and audience reactions
  • capture an unmotivated audience
  • become more aware of who you are in the eyes of others
Intended Learning Outcome
On successful completion of the course you will be able to:
  • start and finish a presentation in an effective way
  • select strategies based on audience and message
  • use stories as a communication technique
  • vary and adapt the material to the audience
  • improvise and talk without a manuscript
Entrance Requirements
No pre-requirements
This course is eligible within the "Generic and Transferable Skills" course curriculum for PhD students and young researchers at Chalmers University of Technology


Topics that will be covered are:
  • The power of our habits
  • Body language lies
  • Understanding your audience
  • The dangerous technical language and the all-mighty computer projectors
  • To speak so that others listen
  • Creating a dialogue The verbal path: Rhetoric The non-verbal path: Behaviour
  • Disposition, planning and preparation
  • Solo presentations: The participants deliver a speech and get feedback
  • Summary, lessons learned and the road ahead

Running Schedule

The course includes lectures, exercises discussions and homework assignments. Homework is done individually and in small groups.

Course Leader and Examiner
Erik Mattson, external consultant

Anders Palmqvist, examiner


Materials are handed out during the course including a reference book "Speaker’s Cookbook”, Erik Mattsson (2015).

Attendance at all occasions and oral presentation. Grading U, G.

Examination in the enrolled courses can be acquired within one year from the start. After the expiration date no missing assignments can be admitted and a participant should re-apply to another course occasion.


Stand-by list means that the course is fully booked but you may be offered a seat if one becomes available. In this case a notification will be sent to you.

Cancellation of participation in the GTS courses should be done as soon as possible and one week before start at the latest  via the link in the confirmation email. In case of cancellation less then 7 days before start, send email to Starting Autumn term 2018, late cancellations (less then 7 days) and no-showing up to the  course will be fined.

Published: Tue 30 Aug 2016. Modified: Mon 20 Aug 2018