Innovative Doctoral Training at Universities of Science and Technologies

In 2011 the European Commission published the seven principles of Innovative Doctoral Training (IDT) . This paper, compiled by five associations of universities of science and technology presents a first set of recommendations targeted at universities, as well as European and national policy makers, on how to encourage the further uptake and implementation of IDT models. Click on the icon to read the entire paper.

“Similarly to comprehensive universities, TU’s are constantly developing innovative approaches in their provision of doctoral training – particularly in relation to the (three) principles of Research Excellence, Attractive Institutional Environment and Quality Assurance. Faced with the increasing variety of career perspectives of doctoral graduates, TU’s have specific experience and models to offer in relation to the (four) principles of Interdisciplinary, Transferable competences, Exposure to the non-academic sector and International networking.”

Published: Mon 16 Jan 2017. Modified: Mon 21 Aug 2017