Popular science presentations GFOK070

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For PhD students in the second half of their PhD studies


A Popular science presentation (GFOK070) is a mandatory element in the doctoral education at Chalmers. This means that all doctoral students must present their research work to an interested public without previous knowledge about the students' research topic. You can find your audience in schools, the industry, at a science fair or through different organisations. 


The overall aim is to increase young researchers´ capability to present and disseminate their scientific results and ideas to the public environment in a language that anyone can understand. This will make new research visible in an accessible way to a broad audience (1).  Developing the capability of young researchers in giving popular science presentations could help boost their careers.

Steps for completing your presentation

As from June 1, 2020, all information about performing popular science presentation has been moved to the intranet. You can find it under Tools & Support - Doctoral studies support.

Published: Wed 17 Jun 2020.